Hanse trial - Del Pardo, German shipyard also claims victory

Fjord 42 (left) and Pardo 43 (right)

Communication war between Hanse Yachts and Cantiere del Pardo. Everyone considers themselves victorious in the legal proceedings for plagiarism which opposes them regarding the motor boats Fjord 42 and Pardo 43.

Hanse's counterattack

In the early morning of 9 March 2018, the Cantiere del Pardo shipyard sent a press release to the nautical press in which it welcomed a favourable decision by the Genoa court on 7 March 2018. He considered that the Italian justice recognized that Pardo 43 was not a copy of Fjord 42 built by the Hanse group. At the end of the day, the German yard reacted in turn. He also claimed victory, stating that his Italian competitor was prohibited from building, promoting, selling or transferring the Pardo 43 to Italy, in accordance with the preliminary injunction of 16 January 2018.

Fjord Dealer Support

In its press release, Hanse Yachts considers that the court has recognised the unfair competition argument. "The Court also saw strong similarities between Pardo 43 and Fjord 42. The behaviour of the losing party was considered unfair because a number of elements used by the imitation boat were the obvious consequence of suggestions and material received from a Fjord dealer, contacted by the Italian yard with a view to creating a successful boat in a short time

Words for words

BoatIndustrry asked the court for an extract from the judgment. While waiting for the facts, we are witnessing a sad war of communication. Hanse Yachts accuses his competitor of lying, saying that his listing on the stock exchange ensures the veracity of his words. If it is still difficult to find a winner in the legal proceedings, the image of the boating industry could be the big loser...

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