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The ship chandler Ronstan loses its founder

Stan Le Nepveu (à gauche) et Ron Allatt (à droite) discutent autour d'une poulie en inox

The co-founder of the famous Ronstan hardware brand, Ron Allatt, has passed away. A look back at the career of the creator of a well-known brand in the nautical world.

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INB: "We don't have paper and pencil training"

InterviewLaurent Winisky, directeur de l'INB

INB Director Laurent Winisky talks about the evolution of his training centre for nautical professions. Relocation, adaptation to reforms of training systems, technical partnerships, learning.

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Cannes Yachting Festival: What actions to bring sailing enthusiasts to Port Canto?

InterviewCannes Yachting Festival

The Cannes Boat Show, a new version, will open its doors in September 2019. The success of the move of the space dedicated to sailing yachts from the Old Port to Port Canto will be the focus of all the attention of the yachting industry. The show's commissioner, Sylvie Ernoult, defends the measures taken to ensure the success of the operation.

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Technical equipment of the boat

Special EditionSalle Machine d'une vedette de plaisance à moteur

Propulsion, electricity, hydraulics, energy, networks, electronics... The boat's technical equipment nestled in the hold, under the floors or on the control panel is numerous. The choice of equipment and suppliers is essential to satisfy the yachtsman and make life on the site easier. We have selected for you some companies and products that meet this need.