Fjord 42 - Pardo 43 : 1st stage of the trial for plagiarism

Fjord 42 (top) and Pardo 43 (bottom)

The similarity between the Fjord 42 of the Hanse Yachts group and the Pardo 43 of the Italian shipyard Del Pardo had made people talk at the autumn boat shows. The first judgment was handed down in Italy on charges of plagiarism.

1st victory for Hanse Yachts

Without ever mentioning its competitor, the Hanse Yachts group welcomes in a statement its victory in court against an Italian shipyard that copied the Fjord 42, a top-of-the-range model from its line of motor boats. The Italian Court of Justice's ruling now prohibits the condemned shipyard from building, selling or delivering the offending model, as well as promoting or exhibiting it, says Hanse yachts. Contacted by BoatIndustry, the German group confirmed that the procedure was aimed at the Pardo 43, the first motor boat of the Italian shipyard known for its Tall Sun sailboats.

Fjord 42

Full copy according to Hanse Yachts

When questioned by BoatIndustry, Hanse Yachts did not wish to detail the arguments presented to the court. However, the site's CEO, Jens Gerhardt, insists on the importance of copying in the press release. "Until now, some details had been copied, such as Dehler's Uni Door or the glazing line, signed by the Sealine and Hanse families. We have taken this sportily up to now, and seen it as a compliment in a way to our innovation and the quality of our design. But copying an entire boat is something we can't accept."

The Latin cousin of Fjord 42

During the presentation of the Pardo 43 during the autumn fairs, the similarities between the new Italian model and the Fjord 42 were highlighted by many observers and part of the specialised press. The general lines of the two open hulls, and the T Top that cover them, have obvious common ground. Does that mean a full copy? One has a classic bow and the other an inverted bow. According to Hanse Yachts, the court saw it as a "Latin version" of Fjord 42.

Pardo 43

Bad timing for Del Pardo

The decision could be particularly negative for the Del Pardo site. Indeed, the Italian press reported rumours, subsequently denied by the Managing Director Fabio Planamente, that the Trevisani family, owner of the yard, might consider selling the company to consolidate the rest of its activities.

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