Fjord 42 - Pardo 43 : The Italian shipyard answers the accusations

Pardo 43

After a first unfavourable judgment, the Del Pardo shipyard answers the accusations of plagiarism by Hanse Yachts. He envisages the continuation of the procedure, while praising the success of Pardo 43.

Respect for judgment

The Court of Justice of Genoa ruled in favour of Hanse Yachts in its complaint against the Del Pardo yard on 16 January 2018. The dispute concerns the Fjord 42 and Pardo 43 models. The Italian yard indicated that it respected the decision, but appealed against it and was counting on a victory in the coming weeks. Moreover, it specifies that the verdict applies only on Italian territory.

Judgement of boaters

In its press release, the Del Pardo shipyard contested the court's interpretation. The judgment is based on the finding of unfair competition, which means, according to Italian law and case law, that the average consumer of this type of boat could consider that the Pardo 43 is a Hanse brand boat, he explains. With 30 boats sold in 6 months to experienced boaters, the yard believes that the truth proves the contrary.

Fjord 42 design protection invalid

Furthermore, according to Pardo Yachts' interpretation, the Community design protection of Fjord 42 was declared invalid by the court. In view of the Fjord 40 and Fjord 48, it is only an additional boat of the Fjord range, without novelty from the legal point of view.

Avoid damage to the nautical industry

The management of the Del Pardo shipyard says it regrets the controversy that could harm the entire boating industry. "We are confident that this episode will end quickly with a positive outcome for our shipyard," explains Fabio Planamente, general manager of Cantiere Del Pardo SPA.

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