Airmar DX900+, the log that gives the boat's drift speed

The new Airmar DX900+ won the DAME Design Award in the electronics category. Drift speed measurement, Bluetooth transmission... There are many factors of innovation.

Measurement on two axes

The main innovation of the Airmar DX900+, speed measurement is done in both axes. Thanks to the calculation algorithms developed by the American company, the yachtsman has the forward speed of his boat in the axis of the boat, but also the drift speed.

The information will be of particular interest to the sailors to know the quality of their upwind settings.

No moving parts

The speed is measured using electromagnetic sensors. No moving parts are required, which limits product wear over time. Maintenance is also simplified.

A fully integrated sensor

Beyond speed data, the Airmar DX900+ measures all the information needed for safe navigation. It also serves as a sounder and measures water temperature with a high speed response. The DX900+ also incorporates a 3-axis accelerometer.

The grouping of all the sensors in a single element facilitates the installation of the equipment and limits hydrodynamic disturbances.

Bluetooth transmission

Another innovation of the sensor, data transmission to repeaters is via the wireless bluetooth protocol. The only wire connected to the DX900+ is the one that supplies power to the sensor. Another argument that will convince installers.

Steve Boucher, CEO of Airmar, intends to use the advertising linked to the DAME Design Award to develop Bluetooth sensors in the future on other products of the brand, both for sailing and motor yachting.

Not only for sailors

For Steve Boucher, the main target is the sailor, looking for the best information to optimize his performance. "We have the impression that this is an innovation that the sailing market really needed.

However, it indicates seeing applications also in the motorboat market. One can imagine the interest of knowing the drift in manoeuvres for a speedboat with a large dunnage.

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