Torqeedo's electric pod wins DAME Design Award

Torqeedo Cruise FP 10

Torqeedo's Cruise FP electric saildrive range wins the DAME Design Award for all categories. Another success for the leader in marine electric motors, thanks to a technical and economical product.

The future of propulsion

The DAME Design Award is intended to reward innovations by equipment manufacturers in the nautical industry. With the Torqeedo Cruise FP, it crowns a product at the heart of the hot topics of boating and transport in general, electric propulsion. Although this is not yet proposed by all shipyards, its development is rapid. It should be available from all pleasure craft manufacturers within a few years.

The jury says it chose the Cruise FP for its engineering, attention to design details, integrated approach, compact dimensions and realistic market price.

Classic Torqeedo Cruise FP Installation

A fixed and compact solution

FP are the initials of Fixed Pod. As their names indicate, Torqeedo Cruise FP engines are fixed bases, equivalent to saildrives. They are available with folding propellers for sailboats and fixed high efficiency propellers for motorboats.

The Cruise FP series pods are available for power ratings from 2 to 10 kW, or 5 to 20 HP in thermal equivalent.

The base is made of aluminium for a seawater resistant dent. Particular attention has been paid to the compactness of the product.

The Cruise FP can be equipped with lithium or AGM batteries. A partnership between Torqeedo and BMW should enable them to lower the price of lithium batteries in the coming years.

The public price for a Cruise FP base ranges between 3149 € TTC for the 2 KW model and 6499 € TTC for the 10 kW model.

An opportunity to renew yachting

For the DAME Design Award jury, the Cruise FP electric pods are an exciting development that will promote green boating. They will open up new opportunities for sailboat interior design by eliminating the need for a traditional internal combustion engine at the stern of the descent.

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