Del Pardo buys Dutch brand to strengthen its position in motorboats

VanDutch goes under Del Pardo flag

The Italian shipyard Cantiere Del Pardo has announced the takeover of the Dutch powerboat brand VanDutch. A further step in the diversification strategy of the historic yacht builder and the acquisition of a recognised brand.

Cantiere del Pardo buys the VanDutch brand

The Italian group Cantiere Del Pardo has announced the acquisition of the Dutch brand VanDutch. A historic and major player in the Italian yachting industry, the holding company taken over by its managers in October 2018 is initially a yacht builder under the brand name Grand Soleil. In 2016, it began to diversify into powerboating with the launch of Pardo Yachts dayboats. In spite of a debut blurred by a legal dispute with the German trademark Fjord The Pardo Yachts have found their place in the high-end powerboat market. Created in 2008, the VanDutch motorboats reach a luxury clientele. Since its inception, the brand has called on the services of designer Franck Mulder, who is well known in the yachting world.

Industrial optimization in a yacht that anticipates the crisis

The transaction between VanDutch and Del Pardo is part of a dynamic of consolidation in the yachting market. While a slowdown is expected as a result of the economic crisis linked to Covid-19, buy-outs are expected to accelerate. VanDutch is a recognised brand, but does not have its own yard. Since 2008, VanDutch has relied on various suppliers. The liquidation of the European subsidiary and the takeover in 2017 by the American branch had led to a manufacturing scheme on 2 separate sites at Fano in Italy and Egg Harbor in the United States. The merger with Pardo Yachts will create industrial savings, while allowing the Italian shipyard to fill its production lines. "This is an unparalleled opportunity for synergies in terms of production capacity and strategic development," says Cantiere Del Pardo. The entire production will be repatriated to the Italian headquarters in Forli. 3 new VanDutch boats are announced for 2021.