Changes at the head of the Italian yacht yard Cantiere Del Pardo

Grand Soleil 58 de Cantiere del Pardo

The management takes a majority stake in Cantiere del Pardo, the Italian manufacturer of Tall Sun Sailboats and Pardo Yachts motor boats. A change that marks the continuation of the relaunch of this major player in transalpine yachting and closes a turbulent period, between rumours and lawsuits.

Cantiere Del Pardo's management becomes majority shareholder

Fabio Planamente and Luigi Servidati, historical managers of the Cantiere del Pardo Spa yacht yard, builder of the Tall Sun Sailboats and the Pardo Yachts motor boats, have taken over the capitalist control of the company. The two partners now have the majority in the company. The transaction took place on the occasion of a ?5 million capital increase. On this occasion, the Trevisani family and Andrea Amadori, who bought the shipyard in 2014, reduced their stake in the company.
Luigi Servidati will now assume the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Fabio Planamente that of Managing Director.

Pursue a growth dynamic

While Cantiere del Pardo is an important player in Italian water sports, the company had experienced difficult times after the 2008 crisis. Driven by commercial choices, such as the creation of the Pardo Yachts range of motor boats or the launch of the Long Cruise and Custom Line ranges of sailing boats, dedicated to large units, for the Grand Soleil brand, the activity has resumed, with invoicing reaching ?30 million in 2018. The ?5 million capital increase aims to continue this growth momentum for the two Cantiere del Pardo brands.

A troubled year for Pardo Yachts

The acquisition by Fabio Planamente and Luigi Servidati brings to an end a turbulent year for the Cantiere del Pardo group. Rumours of the Trevisani family's total disengagement had been circulated several times in the Italian press. At the same time, the site was stuck in its legal dispute with the Hanse Group around accusations of plagiarism between Pardo 43 and Fjord 42. After the obtaining an agreement with the German manufacturer of the yachting industry, the strengthening of the position of the managers allows the transalpine group to look to the future with greater serenity.

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