Gazelles des Sables, the neo-retro sailboat has found its public

Gazelle des Sables and Gazelle des Iles, sailing canned

Launched in 2009, the Gazelles des Sables have made small. The yard has extended its range and continues its development.

A birthday present

Les Ateliers de la Gazelle des Sables are born from a love story with 3, Patrick, Marie Besnié and the sea. When Patrick and Marie enter the working life, their time available to sail decreases sharply, and their cruiser almost no longer sails. Patrick then designed the plans for a boat better suited to their new schedule, the Gazelle des Sables, which he offered Marie for her 30th birthday. Small, transportable and easy to launch, it allows them to renavigate regularly. The look inspired by the tuna boats of Les Sables d'Olonne gives it its name, it will be the Gazelle des Sables .

From leisure to professional building site

After the construction of two specimens for personal use, the couple builds some units during their free time, for boaters seduced by the boat seen on the beach. In 2009, Patrick and Marie took part in the Nautic de Paris and embarked full-time on the adventure, leaving their respective jobs to create the Ateliers de la Gazelle des Sables.

A varied range

In line with the concept of the shipyard's flagship boat, the Gazelle des Sables, adapted for a maximum of two adults, the shipyard has launched the family model, the Gazelle des Iles La Gazelle Breizh The latest addition to the family, the newborn, is resolutely more sporty.

La Gazelle Breizh

Concerned about customers whose sailing is not always the priority, Patrick also drew theascar of Toul'ru . This is deliberately called canoe as opposed to sailboats, designating the more sporty boats in the range. It is suitable for fishing, rowing or sculling.

With its two ranges of sailboats and canoes, the yard intends to cover all the uses of the user-friendly transportable.

Evolutive rigging

The sail plan is evolutionary, easily passing from the single sail catboat to the auric schooner with large genoa. It allows the customer to develop his wardrobe with his budget and his confidence in himself and in the boat. According to Marie, it is regular to see customers expand the equipment over the years.

Customer relationship

Since the creation of the project in 2009, Les Gazelles has brought together a community of more than 300 customers. The home ports are varied. A hundred boats sail in the Mediterranean where we wouldn't necessarily expect them with their retro Atlantic look. There is also interest outside the French borders.

Island Gazelle ready to travel

Due to its location in Angevine, the site is now on the holiday route of many of its customers, a key argument for a company that is strong of a privileged relationship with its users.

Beyond the production of the boats, Patrick and Marie offer an individual and itinerant sailing school service. It trains as many neophytes as new or future buyers. "We insist on safety, preparing the boat, knowing how to rig it, strapping it on the trailer... "Patrick wants to train an independent client.

A good production balance

The Ateliers de la Gazelle des Sables team now has 5 permanent employees. 50 to 60 boats leave the yard each year. If production has increased continuously in recent years, the balance achieved is the right one for Marie Besnié, allowing her to reconcile private and professional development.

Report : Workshops of the Gazelle des Sables

Ateliers de la Gazelle des Sables, a building site in the middle of the vineyard