Day-One: A modular day-charter catamaran

Day1 85 feet

The new Day One catamaran concept launched by Yacht Concept renews the day charter and offers a modular offer at will between 50 and 90 feet.

Starting over from the blank page

"The launch of the Day-One is based on Yacht Concept's observation that the day-charter catamaran market has not been renewed for over 10 years". It is Laurent Da Rold, former of Fountaine-Pajot and today partner in Yacht Concept, partner of many shipyards in the sector who says so. Tired of modifying old models on behalf of historical actors like Fountaine Pajot or Ocean Voyager, the Yacht Concept team has been working on a 100% new project.

This was an opportunity to rejuvenate the design compared to the round shapes of competitors by integrating bilges and inverted bows.

An exercise in style, not a scale

The Day One website presents several examples of boats between 50 and 90 feet. These do not form a range, but are examples for the customer, invited to think with Yacht Concept about a boat designed specifically for him.

Adapt the catamaran's behaviour to the water

The day-charter must meet extremely precise specifications. Running the same route every day, it meets different operating constraints in each navigation basin. Faced with this, the Day-One wishes to offer the shipowner a tailor-made response, as opposed to production boats. For this all parameters can be adapted. Thus, in the short chop, for example, a high freeboard will be preferred by increasing the height under the platform in comparison with milder conditions.

Adapting superstructures to the weather

Similarly, depending on the area of use, exposure to the sun will be more or less sought after. The size of the superstructures, more or less open depending on the risk of bad weather, will be adapted to suit.

Day1 70

Regulatory optimization

Depending on the national regulations of the country where the vessel operates, the number of passengers allowed varies. Moreover, depending on the commercial positioning of the charter company, the capacity must also be adapted. Day-One responds specifically to each request. The examples presented remain between 50 and 90 feet to stay below the 24 metre standard, critical in terms of equipment required.

Report : Day One Catamaran

Day One, 1st day charter in the water