Interview / Trimaran Neel 47, the design choices decoded

The Neels are large, innovative and high-performance travel trimarans. The trimaran design concept seems to be a success. During the visit of the Neel 47, we took the opportunity to ask Barbara Bruneel about the concept and success of this new model.

You are presenting a new trimaran, the Neel 47, what does it bring to gamme??

In terms of performance or marine behaviour, like all the others Neel it is an efficient boat under sail, they are powerful trimarans.

Like all Neels, the layout is on the same level, everything is open. On the other hand, on this new model we have given priority to living aboard as a couple. Friends and family can be accommodated in the floats where there is a cabin and bathroom.

These spaces have the particularity of being separated to the point that they are accessed through dedicated entrances. When the owners invite people, for the conviviality of the stay, it is more comfortable that everyone has a private living space.

The living space is organised around this bias, the facilities are consistent with a couple's life at sea on the same level. Guests have floats equipped with cabins and bathrooms.

Does this new boat correspond to the request for a client??

Yes, but not only that. We brainstormed with the employees "Imagine your ideal boat". We also did a market analysis. For the past 10 years, this has been our 50th Neel, we've been getting backwards on the uses. And as our notoriety increases, we get more and more feedback on the expectations of potential customers.

What is the profile of the Neel 47? buyers?

Our clientele is international, 70% of which is international. They are often newly retired couples, wishing to go far, long and in pairs.

This target seems to be a good one, because the Neel 47 came out in April and we already have 30 units sold.

They come mainly from the world of monohulls, they are sailors and want to continue to have sensations at the helm. They are willing to switch to multihulls, especially for the quality of life at anchor, but they want to stay on a boat with marine behaviour.

The sensations and behaviour - particularly the passage through the sea - of a trimaran is at the crossroads between the catamaran and the monohull, as all the weights are concentrated in the central hull.

How is your chantier? organized and what is its production capacity?

Today, Neel is the only shipyard in the world with an offer of large cruise trimarans. We offer an attractive alternative in the multihull world.

Currently, we release a Neel 47 every 3 weeks. We still have 4 boats at different stages of manufacture. On our 6000 m2 production site, we have a total of 120 employees.

We are not assemblers, we have all the trades, we even make the upholstery in our own workshops.

In which price range is the Neel 47? located?

With this model, we are financially competitive. The Neel 47 ready to sail - and properly equipped - is available at around 600,000 euros including VAT.

Obviously the price should not be reduced to the number of cabins, but the price is competitive for an atypical sailboat of this size.

We have made great efforts to rationalize our manufacturing processes and the Neel 47 is now cheaper than the Neel 45, which is manufactured individually.

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