Special Edition / PSS: A mechanical shaft line seal for minimum maintenance

PSS shaft line seal on a motorboat

PSS offers a range of mechanical shaft line seals for motor boats and sailboats. A reliable and durable solution that facilitates the installation of propulsion systems, both in the first assembly and in the second assembly.

A mechanical seal without shaft line wear

The American brand PSS specializes in mechanical shaft line seals, designed to ensure the tightness of the propulsive line passage in the stern tube. Unlike the other 2 commonly used technologies, cable glands and lip seals, the PSS seal does not provide any friction surface on the shaft line. By using glazing and water lubrication, the device prevents wear and tear on the shaft.

Limited maintenance

The absence of friction drastically reduces the need for maintenance. Maintenance of the PSS seal is limited to the recommended replacement of the bellows every 7 years. " There is a test boat for professional use in the northern United States, near the PSS factory, which has been sailing for 45,000 hours without having changed a component. " explains Jean-Didier Martial, manager of Seaview Progress, importer and distributor of PSS joints for Europe and Africa and close partner of the manufacturer.

Savings over the life of the product

By saving water outlets for technical shutdown and shaft line repairs, the PSS mechanical seal finds a relevant economic positioning that easily compensates for a higher initial investment than other technologies on the market.

Easy to install

The installation of a PSS seal is quick and easy. It does not require any special preparation, which also makes it suitable for refitting. " It is sufficient that the rotor installation area on the shaft is clean and in good condition. After that, there are two necklaces to wear. "illustrates Jean-Didier Martial.

To adapt to different boats, PSS seals are available for shaft line diameters from 20 to 200 mm. Each one has different dimensions of stern tubes. 2 bellows qualities are available: a pleasure range and a reinforced professional range for boats for more intensive use in a more aggressive environment.

For rudder bits, PSS has developed more compact seals by eliminating lubrication, which is not necessary for a shaft with less rotation.

An ecological interest

By limiting friction, the PSS seal improves the boat's propulsion performance. This means lower fuel consumption at the same speed, but also longer range. Electrically powered boats are particularly sensitive to this.

Service and support

Seaview Progress monitors PSS products from France. The stock available in the Fréjus warehouse guarantees a good reactivity for Europe and Africa.

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