Special Edition / Aquamot: The electric boat motor in all its forms

Electric boat with Aquamot motor

The Aquamot electric motor brand offers a wide range of powertrains. From outboard to pod to shaft-line inboard, the Austrian manufacturer adapts to all boats according to their sailing programme.

From outboard to swivel pod

The Aquamot electric motor brand offers a wide range of propulsion solutions for recreational boats. Each of the major installation families is represented:

  • outboard engines
  • inboard motors with shaft line
  • inboard motors with fixed pods
  • inboard motors with swivelling pods

Available in power ratings from 1.1 kW to 4.3 kW, in long or short shaft, Aquamot outboard units can be used on small boats, from the inflatable dinghy to the fishing boat. Inboard engines, up to 40 kW, will be suitable for larger sailboats and motorboats.

Aquamot outboard engine

An integrated electric boat solution

Beyond the thruster, Aquamot provides all the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the electric boat. Chargers and batteries supplied by the manufacturer ensure an integrated solution. A panel displays the propeller thrust and remaining range to the helmsman.

Aquamot Battery

Reliable and robust electric motors

Created in 2003, Aquamot manufactures its electric motors in Austria. Constructed of aluminum for superior durability over plastic, they have an integrated anode. Thanks to the direct brushless drive, hearing comfort is maximum.

Integrated battery-powered outboard motors have a range of up to 2.5 hours at mid-range for the 1.1 kW model or 2 hours for the 1.6 kW model.

Easy to install

The pod solution allows easy integration on sailing yachts. To adapt to different configurations, outboard motors are available with a tiller or remote control system.

Aquamot Pod Solution

Maintenance, distribution and after-sales service

Distributed in France by Fenwick, Aquamot engines benefit from the support of its teams. The stock allows the availability of the products within 1 week. With maintenance limited to changing the anode and electric motor bearings every 1000 hours, the after-sales service is extremely low. All engines are guaranteed for 2 years.

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