Special Edition / Technical equipment of the boat

Machine room of a motorized pleasure craft

Propulsion, electricity, hydraulics, energy, networks, electronics... The boat's technical equipment nestled in the hold, under the floors or on the control panel is numerous. The choice of equipment and suppliers is essential to satisfy the yachtsman and make life on the site easier. We have selected for you some companies and products that meet this need.

ZigBoat, monitor your boat remotely without subscription

The Zigboat boat remote monitoring solution developed by Glomex is simple to install, efficient and subscription-free. This is an advantage for both the yachtsman and the installer.

Gateways to communicate the on-board electronics

Going from NMEA 183 to NMEA 2000, collecting GPS, AIS or engine information... Actisense offers connectors and gateways adapted to create a unique and integrated network on board the boat.

PSS, wear-free shaft line seals

The mechanical technology of the PSS shaft line seals limits wear and maintenance. This is an advantage for both the boat owner and the mechanic.

Ultra-light cylinders thanks to dyneema

Tenderlift has developed a range of cylinders with a hybrid metal-dyneema rod and a carbon body. An ultra-lightweight solution for high-performance sailboats.

Electronic couplers to better protect equipment

Dolphin Charger's ACS couplers have been specially designed to prevent leaks, automate and optimize battery charge management on outboard motor boats.

Dolphin Booster, a real 24V battery charger

The Dolphin Charger Booster offers a robust, efficient and easy to install solution for 24V DC equipment on small units.

Watermakers for all tastes

The Hydrotechnical Company supplies and installs watermakers for all boats and programs, from the most robust to the most technical, through its 3 brands, Katadyn, Sea Recovery and Unitam.

Aquamot, all types of electric motors

The Austrian electric motor brand offers a wide range of products for recreational boats, from outboards to inboard engines, in shaft lines or pods. Enough to find the right installation for the professional who puts it on board and the yachtsman who sails.

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