Grand Soleil opens a yard for custom yachts

The Grand Soleil Custom factory

The Chantier Del Pardo created Grand Soleil Custom. New factory, new models... The evolution of Grand Soleil continues.

Creation of Grand Soleil Custom

The evolution of the Grand Soleil brand towards tall ships and luxury was already seen with the Grand Soleil 58 presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016. The Chantier Del Pardo, owner of Grand Soleil, confirms this transformation with the launch of a new brand Grand Soleil Custom. As indicated in the company's press release, this is more of a semi-custom. The yard will produce boats from 60 to 80 feet, in small series. Customers will be able to choose different materials from fiberglass to carbon and the interior layout will be fully adaptable to the yachtsman's demand.

New plant

Grand Soleil Custom will move to a new factory in Fano, 1 hour from the head office in Forli. The installations and technologies will be adapted to the semi-custom activity, different from that of Grand Soleil.

A team specialized in the production of Maxi sailboats will ensure the production. Renowned naval architects and designers will participate in the projects.

80 feet to start

The first sailboat to leave the factory will be a Grand Soleil 80. The boat, which should hit the water in June 2018, is being studied in Giovanni Ceccarelli's cabinet. The Italian architect is working on an 80 foot carbon boat which, according to Grand Soleil, must combine performance in regattas and comfort in cruising.