Bavaria, towards a new distribution policy?

Bavaria E40

Bavaria cleans its vending machines. After Spain and the United States, should we expect a change in policy?

Series valve changes in series.

At the end of 2016, the Bavaria distribution network was announced in succession.

In Spain, the change of distributor was announced at the Southampton Boat Show. Bavaria Spain is now replaced by Clipper Marine, already the German group's distributor in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the announcement of the end of the partnership with Bavaria Yachts USA came on the eve of the Annapolis boat show, as the company was preparing for the annual North American boat show.

Badly lived announcements.

In a statement issued on social networks, Bavaria Yachts USA regrets the end of the collaboration and the method used. The American team states that it had received a letter of termination with immediate effect, "while Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH was fully aware that the[US] team had been working for weeks to prepare the largest and most expensive boat show on its market". She pointed out that while the financial cost of having boats to American standards was significant, it was necessary to do a good job.

On these same social networks, Bavaria Spain reports that it has "undergone" the same treatment.

Contacted by on the subject, Bavaria confirmed this information, but did not wish to communicate more precisely at this stage.

A policy change?

We remember that a distributor existed in France, where resellers are now managed directly by Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH. Similarly, the management of Nautitech, now Bavaria Catamarans, is now mainly carried out from Germany. In Spain, the new distributor, already active in Great Britain, allows the parent company to reduce the number of contacts. What about the United States?

It seems that Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH wants to take over its distribution, as closely as possible... We will follow the next announcements closely.

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