Beboat, a small and successful project

2 boats in progress, 3 in orders, the Beboat yard is running at full capacity. A model of success in small quality production.

An amateur turned professional

Professional photographer, Erwan Boisecq decides to build himself as an amateur Anna, a 6.40m catboat in strip-planking. Elegant, the boat does not leave indifferent and one regularly asks him if he would not build others. In 2014, he created Beboat in Arradon, on the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan to give sisterships to Anna. The photographer launches into the nautical world at 100%.

New model, new construction

For the series, Erwan Boisecq changes constructive mode. He goes from strip-planking to sandwich infusion. "I love woodworking, but customers don't want to bother with maintenance. The varnish is already enough".

Infusion construction

It also proposes a Houari version of the one now to be called B6.4. It allows a less sporty sailing than with a single mainsail of 25 m².

B6.4, houari and asymmetric spinnaker version

Full notebook and new premises

Faced with a full order book, with a first B 6.4 recently launched and three others on order for the Ile de Ré and the Gulf of Morbihan, we had to push the walls. Beboat therefore moved at the beginning of 2016 into a new, specially built hangar. It allows the three members of the company to work under the best conditions.

New premises

A business model that works

Erwan Boisecq, who has already managed structures with a few dozen employees, does not wish to grow too much today. "Three or four employees is fine with me." In a niche market, word of mouth and facebook were enough to attract customers to occupy the next 2 years. It is a business model that seems suitable for many small sites.

Upcoming projects

Beboat is currently working on a 33 foot one-off for Bréhat Island. A BE 8.5 of series is also at the end of the study. Enough to keep this young site alive for a few more years!

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