Special Edition / Trigano Port: hydraulic trailers up to 50 T

Hydraulic trailer for Trigano Port boat by Mecanorem

Mecanorem's Trigano Port hydraulic trailers can handle boats up to 50 T. From the standard to the customised version, the range relies on its robustness, modularity and ease of use to appeal to shipyards, boat builders and marina managers.

Standard trailers for handling boats up to 25 T

Bought by the Trigano group, Mecanorem offers under the new name Trigano Portuaire a wide range of hydraulic trailers for ship handling. Essential equipment for shipyards and harbours, these tools allow the transfer of the boat from the place where it is taken out of the water to the place where it will be careened, stored or undergo work. The standard models cover a wide range of use for units from 3 to 25 T, with U or V-shaped chassis.

Robustness, modularity and price contained

Thanks to a choice of quality metal profiles, Trigano Portuaire guarantees the robustness of its hydraulic trailers. Production in the group's French factory is carefully monitored.

The modular design of Trigano Port trailers allows the same chassis to be adapted to several uses. Depending on the boat being handled, the towing vehicle or the manoeuvring area, the operator can choose the most suitable accessory, from the screw stanchion to the electric pump for the jacks and the road homologation kit. This operation using standard elements makes it possible to limit sales prices. The site controls its investment thanks to a multi-function tooling.

Tailor-made answers for ports and shipbuilders

To optimise handling efficiency and limit lost time, Trigano Portuaire adapts the tooling to the operator's needs. The company is able to respond to tailor-made requests, such as self-propelled trolleys, large loads up to 50 T, specific tools for manufacturers' cradles, or submersible trailers for launching.

Assistance and after-sales service

The life of the trailer does not stop when it is put into service. Trigano Portuaire accompanies its customers with an identified contact person for after-sales service within the company. Partner companies intervene in shipyards and marinas when necessary. Spare parts, standard or custom-made, are built directly in the Valognes factory.

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