Day-One Catamaran: A constructive mode for tailor-made catamarans

Hull of the first Day One

The construction of the new Day-One day-charter catamaran has been specially designed to adapt easily to the owner's requirements. Panel construction, limited assemblies...

Parametric design

The boat design was done under Solidworks. The use of this parametric software allows the Yacht Concept team to adapt the model more easily to the customer's requirements. Extending a roof can thus be done without remodelling the whole room.

Construction upside down, using flat panels

In order to easily modify the length of the boat according to the customer, the catamaran has been designed with expandable shapes. It can thus be realized with the help of flat composite panels, realized on a marble. The 27x4.7 m one made at Techni-Yacht Pinta allows the lamination in one piece of the 85 foot planks currently under construction.

The bulkheads installed upside down are assembled to the planks to make the floats. They are then turned and assembled by the beams.

Turning of the starboard hull

Limit the elements

Sampling is calculated to limit the number of parts and assemblies required. Thus, the bulwark is in thick sandwich so as not to require legs. Aesthetics and construction meet.

First 85 feet in express construction

The first Day-One, an 85-footer is currently being assembled at Techni-Yacht Pinta. Signed on 15 November 2015, construction began in early January 2016 and will be delivered on 15 June 2016. It is the absence of a mould that allows a custom construction in only 6.5 months.

Costs equivalent to the series.

Between 500 000 € for the 50 feet and 1 500 000 € for the 85 feet, such is the range announced by Day One. These costs are comparable to the standard units with the same options.

A tailor-made and personalised platform in a fixed market, such is Day-One's new offer. Feedback is positive according to Laurent Da Rold. Case to follow...