Neel 51: An opening on the charter

With its new 51-foot trimaran, the Neel shipyard is attacking the charter market.

More booths

For the charter and rental market, the Neel 45 fished by its layout. The small thumbnail of the range offered only three double cabins where a catamaran of comparable size offers four. The new 51-foot model now offers the missing cab that puts it back in the running for rental companies. The float-tip cabins also offer space for the crews.

Underdeck layout

More living space

A major argument for chartering, the Neel 51 offers a larger living volume than a catamaran of the same size. With 15.60m long and 8.90m wide, the measurements of the new trimaran are equivalent to those of catamarans. With three fitted hulls, it offers more volume than its competitors' two floats. The outdoor space is very close for both types of units.

Price comparable to a catamaran

The change in its production method allowed the site to save on labour costs. The Neel 51 is offered basic at 587,000 euros HT and ready to sail at around 650,000 euros HT. This tariff puts him in the race against catamarans of the same size, appreciated by charter owners.

Enough to make a place for yourself in the rental

With these new arguments, the Neel shipyard hopes to take its share of an important market in the world of multihulls. To date, 6 of the 20 Neel 45s sold are operated on a charter basis. The 50-foot niche, the heart of the market, should open new perspectives for the yard, whose offer will surely seduce rental companies looking to stand out with an original product.

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