Lagoon Seventy 7: A catamaran with à la carte interiors

The Bénéteau group presented the layout of the new Lagoon 77. Terrace, massage room... Many options offered and explained to customers.

Explanation of Nauta Design's architectural choices

In a video interview, Massimo Gino, interior designer at the Italian studio Nauta Design, in charge of the project, explains the choices that guided the design of the new yacht. A 77-foot catamaran, like the one-off yachts usually handled by the firm, offers volumes that allow it to free itself from the space constraints present on smaller units.

Spaces on deck

Massimo Gino insists on traffic choices, a key element on a ship with a crew. The service must be able to be separated from the guests. The different positions of the kitchen offer several solutions.

Owner's cabin with terrace

As announced last September by, the Lagoon 77 offers an owner's cabin with a private terrace. The side platform allows the shipowner to take full advantage of the anchorage. He can also privatize the front cockpit.

Aft galley version, owner + 2 VIP

Cabins: 6 options at least!

The positioning of the kitchen and crew areas, forward or backward, is the basis for the modulation of the interior spaces. The cabins are then articulated with a varied degree of comfort, from the owner's cabin to the guest, via the VIP. There is the possibility of a VIP cabin at the rear with a private terrace.

Front kitchen version, owner, 2 VIPs, 2 guests

Massage, cinema: a custom space at the customer's choice

If desired, the shipowner has a space at the stern of the port hull to give free rein to his desires. Lagoon offers trails such as the massage room, the cinema or the game room, but let's bet that customers will be able to show their imagination!

Massage room
Game room

An interesting commercial approach

Let us welcome the work site's approach, which, beyond the somewhat artificial suspense, explains its technical and architectural choices with an effective storytelling. For example, we note the article on the tools required for the new boat.

I can't wait for the new information!

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