The Bénéteau Group delays before boat shows

Partial unemployment and management of the stock of boats. The Bénéteau Group, the French leader in yachting, is awaiting the start of the new season with caution.

Maintaining short-time working in shipbuilding factories

While the effervescence of the resumption of summer sailing gives cause for optimism, the yachting industry remains cautious. Information from the Bénéteau Group bears witness to the uncertainty of the situation. The management of the Vendée Group confirms that short-time working will continue in July at all sites, with the extent of the reduction varying from plant to plant. However, it does not confirm the information disclosed by the regional press about the temporary closure of the Herbaudière plant on the island of Noirmoutier, dedicated to large motorboats, until the end of 2020. " Work is in progress on the load plan to adapt to the order book "summarizes the communication from the Vendée-based manufacturer, while the Bénéteau Group's strategic plan is due on July 9.

Usine de bateau du groupe Bénéteau
Bénéteau Group Boat Factory

Manage vessel stocks prudently

" Traditionally, in July, we take an early start in order to build up boat stocks and avoid delays in customer deliveries during the season. In this case, we proceed cautiously in building up the stock. Like all the actors, we still have questions about the events of the new season, such as the Cannes boat show in September "concedes Mirna Cieniewicz, Director of Communications for the Bénéteau Group.

The fleet market for professional yacht charterers, which accounted for 11.3% of turnover in 2018-2019, is expected to be affected by the crisis in the tourism sector after the Covid-19 outbreak, although no official order cancellations have taken place. Charter companies, which were making successive deliveries, particularly in the multihull sector, are expected to reschedule their orders.

As the next major milestone in refining its production strategy, the Bénéteau Group will be holding its dealer agreements for its different brands of boats, successively from July 15. "This will be the first opportunity to present the new boats and products, but also to have exchanges and feedback from the field," confirms Mirna Cieniewicz. The dealers, their confidence, their financial solidity and their ability to anticipate, will play a major role in the coming months in the resumption of production, before the results of the autumn boat shows.

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