Interview / Nautitech Catamarans: "Flexibility more than capacity increase

The production team of Nautitech Catamarans

When all the multihull builders communicate on their growth, BoatIndustry takes stock again with Gildas Le Masson on the industrial projects announced by Nautitech Catamarans in 2018.

Reconfiguring the Nautitech catamaran production site

Created in 1990, the catamaran brand Nautitech has experienced all the evolution of the multihull market and its strong growth since the 2000s. In order to cope with this, the shipyard has been thinking for several years about developing its industrial tool. The community of Rochefort in Charente-Maritime, the boat builder's headquarters, has offered the company premises in the commercial port. While a the move was being considered at the time of its takeover by the Bavaria Group in 2018 The company's plans have evolved, says Gildas Le Masson, director of Nautitech Catamarans. " Instead, we are working on a reconfiguration of the current site. It's more complicated, but in the end we think it makes more sense, with the possibility of phasing the work. It will be more flexible than the new site that was proposed to us, which is smaller than the current one, with a smaller plot of land that is too small and less adaptable. "

Gildas Le Masson, Director of Nautitech Catamarans

Adapting to the multihull market

Although the double-digit growth statistics for the catamaran market over the last few years have created a certain euphoria, many observers are announcing and anticipating a possible slowdown. Such a pace cannot be maintained forever. The impact of events such as the coronavirus epidemic on the tourism and charter sector, with cancellations and a drop in bookings, leads to caution. " We are looking for flexibility more than the intrinsic increase in catamaran production capacity. Today, half of my business is with private individuals and the other half with charter professionals. I have to be able to change my product mix if necessary. The aim is always to guarantee the company's long-term future "explains Gildas Le Masson.

A recruitment need that is always important for Nautitech

Asked about the company's discretion in terms of its activity, in a market where everyone communicates their recruitment needs, the director confirms that Nautitech is no exception to the rule. " We are always looking for collaborators. It is not part of the Bavaria Group's natural operation to communicate outside the products. We are very focused on our projects, which take up a lot of our time. "

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