X-Yachts offers itself a brand of motor boats

X-Yachts buys back HOC Yachts motor boats

The famous Danish sailmaker X-Yachts has announced the purchase of a motor boat yard. A desire for diversification that has been matured over a long period of time and reflects a strong trend in the yachting market worldwide.

X-Yachts buys back HOC Yachts motor boats

The Danish shipyard X-Yachts has 40 years of experience and a strong reputation in the yachting industry. The Scandinavian brand has decided to enter the powerboat market by acquiring the Swedish company HOC Yachts. Founded in 2014, the manufacturer has specialized in high-end units, partnering with Petestep for innovative hulls and Yacht Defined for home automation and electronic control systems. On the occasion of the takeover of Yacht Defined in January 2018 the Navico marine electronics truck had acquired a stake in HOC Yachts.

Once the general philosophy of the merger has been implemented, the production of the HOC Yachts models will be repatriated from Gotland in Sweden to the X-Yachts factories in Denmark.

A mature diversification strategy for X-Yachts yachts

The acquisition of HOC Yachts is the result of a long process of reflection," said Ib Kunøe, President of X-Yachts. "We saw that there was a need for a motorboat that could help honor X-Yachts' vision of superior sailing pleasure to fulfill our clients' dreams. As we saw, there were 2 options: either develop an X-Power brand from the ground up or buy a product on the market that could meet our vision and mission."

While the Danish brand welcomes the current philosophy of the HOC Yachts models, it intends to bring "an X-Yachts touch, based on 40 years of learning in the development of sailboats."

Infusion at X-Yachts

European evolution from sailing to motor sailing

The acquisition of HOC Yachts is a confirmation of a general trend in the European yachting market. Many of the major European players in the nautical industry were born from the construction of sailboats. Although the practice of sailing persists, it is not sufficient today to ensure the survival of all. In recent years, we can cite the examples of the Italian shipyards Del Pardo, builder of the Grand Soleil or Solaris sailboats for eponymous sailboats, or in France Pogo Structures. All of them have embarked, on their own scale, on motorboats. The higher volume of the market allows us to expect a higher production. The mastery of more elaborate composite manufacturing techniques opens the possibility of lighter and more energy-efficient boats, an important argument in a context of environmental concern.

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