Interview / IDB Marine - High Tide: Shipyard merger postponed indefinitely

Denis Bourbigot, boss of IDB Marine

Will the merger between the Finisterian sailboat manufacturers IDB Marine and Marée Haute come about? It is no longer on the agenda. Denis Bourbigot, CEO of IDB Marine, looks back at the process started at the end of 2018 and his decision to continue his independent activity.

The IDB Marine - High Tide Suspended Fusion

The two Finisterian shipyards IDB Marine and Marée Haute, located on the same Minaouët site in Trégunc, near Concarneau, had announced in the autumn of 2018 their intention to move closer together. A new structure, equally integrating IDB Marine, Marée Haute and the BFR group, a minority shareholder of the latter and owner of the industrial site, was to be created at the beginning of 2019. As summer approaches, the accumulated delay has led Denis Bourbigot, head of IDB Marine, to throw in the towel. "Summer is coming and we have a lot of work to do, especially with the Mini. The objective was January and in May, it's still not done. It's taken too long."

We don't speak quite the same language. The project was probably not mature enough for me. I don't know if I was ready.
Minaouët website

Discrepancy between the financier and the construction of the boats

Denis Bourbigot explains the situation by cultural differences between the 2 shipyards, especially in the administrative and financial areas. "We've done a lot of operational work, in terms of the shipbuilding process. Also in the choice of the products by comparing the ones we used, for what reason and at what price. For this, we didn't need the financiers. As for the human aspect, before, we used to look at each other as if we were toy dogs between the shipyards, today there is a really good atmosphere on the site. We're better at infusion than fusion!"

Nevertheless, the leader highlights the positive aspects of the last few months. "That's not the subject with the summer, but we always keep a plan B. As for the merger, the door is not slammed shut."

Deck in production at Marée Haute

No IDB Marine relocation in the immediate future

IDB Marine's Maxi 6.50, the new production Mini Class yachts, are a success, while Mojito and Malango yachts are still seducing yachtsmen. The favourable commercial situation is encouraging the company to invest in more modern vessels. In its unfortunate plan to take over the Minaouët site, which was eventually sold to the BFR group, the shipyard planned heavy modernisation investments. The current owner's lower level of ambition could push IDB Marine to move.

Maxi 6.50 of IDB Marine in navigation

When contacted, the Marée Haute shipyard did not respond to our requests.

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