Special Edition / Construction materials and tools

Special edition building materials and tools

Use the right materials to build the best boat. Adapt the tool to the operator's needs to preserve his health and optimize production. These are all essential issues for the smooth running of a shipyard. We have selected for you some suppliers and products that meet this need.

Wichard, why choose forged stainless steel?

Advantage of forging over foundry, choice of stainless steel grades according to use, development of custom-made parts... Wichard's arguments in favour of forged stainless steel.

Vitaglisse silicone antifouling, a step towards new hull paints

Vitamarine offers Vitaglisse, a new generation silicone antifouling. Self-cleaning and easy to apply, the product is part of a global reflection on marine paint systems and legislation on biocides, led by the French company.

SAERflow, an economical and sustainable solution for infusion boats

SAERflow glass fibre draining fabric offers an easy to use solution for infusing composite parts. Economic benefits and environmental gain are other arguments for its development in the boating and boating industries.

Epolam 2017, the easy-to-use epoxy resin

A versatile, safe and easy to use epoxy resin. These are the arguments of the EPOLAM 2017 of Sika Advanced Resins, formerly Axson, which appeals to both pleasure craft and ocean racing.

Naviline: the process of mass-produced boat furniture applied to one-off

Naviline is already renowned in the manufacture of furniture and fittings for mass-produced pleasure craft. The wood specialist also knows how to adapt to unique sailboats and yachts. From project management to transport to painting and finishing.

Infuplex, a drainage complex that adapts to infusion speeds

Diatex develops the Infuplex and Infupeel complex ranges for the infusion of composite parts. French manufacture, adaptation of the composition to thickness, de-enzyming and heat setting are all arguments that appeal to the nautical industry.