Special Edition / Infuplex, a drainage complex that adapts to infusion speeds

Diatex develops the Infuplex and Infupeel complex ranges for the infusion of composite parts. French manufacture, adaptation of the composition to thickness, de-enzyming and heat setting are all arguments that appeal to the nautical industry.

Infuplex and Infupeel: complexes for infusion

The French company Diatex offers different types of complexes for the infusion process of composite parts. The Infuplex range of fabrics combines in the same complex the traditionally separate perforated film and drainage net, used for the diffusion of the resin in the manufactured element. The Infupeel range includes a third element in the complex, the peel ply fabric that gave it its name. Infuplex and Infupeel are available in different models to adapt to the infusion parameters. The required diffusion rate and the thickness of the composite part to be produced, variable between a full boat hull, a deck panel or a deck mould, are the main criteria for selection.

Diatex Infuplex Fabrics

Versatile fabrics for a high level of quality

The Infuplex and Infupeel fabric ranges are suitable for all types of resin: polyester, vinylester or epoxy. They thus meet the entire boating market, usable with glass fibres as well as carbon.

Disenzyme-free, the drainage nets do not present any risk of resin pollution during diffusion. It thus loses no mechanical or chemical characteristics, guaranteeing the quality of the finished composite part.

Thermofixing the material ensures that it remains flat, eliminating the risk of winding due to weaving. The complexes thus have a good drapability.

By eliminating the need to superimpose perforated film and drainage mesh by using a single complex, Infuplex eliminates the risk of dry areas. The resin spread over the entire part without exception, the hull or deck of the boat will not present any weakness due to a lack of resin.

All these characteristics guarantee a high level of quality, combined with the time savings associated with the installation of the various elements in a single operation.

Infusion with Infuplex

Know-how Made In France

Diatex manufactures its products in France, at its sites located in the Drôme and Beaujolais regions. It draws its know-how from its work on textiles and continues to innovate, as Alexandre Caillaud, business developer at Diatex, explains. "Our knowledge comes from our many activities in technical fabrics, such as parachute fabrics. We have test benches to study the fabric's contexture and its vertical and horizontal porosity. Our latest innovation is the Fastnet drainage net, which allows the fastest diffusion on the market and can be integrated into Infuplex and Infupeel complexes."