J Composites wants to break its image as a pure regatta sailboat

J112 E, the cruising version of the yacht J Composites, exhibited at the Grand Pavois

The reputation of J yachts is well established on regatta water. Not always an advantage in the cruise market! J Composites is therefore working to change its image, as Frédéric Bouvier, sales manager at BoatIndustry, explains.

A prejudice to be broken

When we say J Boats to a sailor, he automatically thinks of racing, usually between 3 buoys. It is this prejudice that the shipyard wants to break, by showing that its sailboats and their qualities as good walkers, are ideal for fast cruising. A complicated job, as Frédéric Bouvier explains. "On trade shows, the challenge is to get visitors off the boat. Usually they see a J and think they're racing. Boaters are not waiting for us on this market. "

Sailboats that already exist and that appeal to

The yard already has two ranges for its habitable sailboats. The E range, for Elegance, is intended for cruising, while the Grand Prix range is intended for sailors. Contrary to popular belief, cruising units represent the majority of the habitable yachts sold by J Composites. Out of 30 J112 delivered, 25 are J112 E and only 5 are Grand Prix yachts. "The products exist and are pleasing, as evidenced by the very good feedback on the J112E exhibited at the Grand Pavois. It is up to us to make them better known," says Frédéric Bouvier.

Better communication

To break this image of pure regatta boats, J Composites is working on its communication. The presence of the Js on the races is enough to touch the sailors. The yard will now only present the Elegance range, with a maximum of options, at the shows. "There is a J112 Grand Prix winning at Spi Ouest and a J112 E for the cruise presented at the Grand Pavois. "illustrates the sales manager of J Composites. Even if sport remains J's DNA, he wants to avoid blurring his message to boaters. A new website and more present range names will strengthen the approach.

A lever for growth

With this image work, J Composites intends to continue its development in Europe. "Without competing with the big cruise shipyards, we have a place to take and a reserve of customers to develop," says Frédéric Bouvier.

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