J Composites, "15 J70 per month, a great success in this range of sailing boats ! "

Sailboat J 112E by J Composites

The J Composites Europe yard is doing well. Sales and production of sailing yachts up, development of the cruising range... 2016 ends well and bodes well for a good 2017.

Turnover on the rise

The 2016 season ended well for the Vendée shipyard J Composites. Last year's turnover showed an increase of 8%, and is approaching the ?9.5 million mark.

France represents 10% of J Composites' market. Europe accounts for 65% of J Composites Europe's business, excluding the J70, whose units produced in the Vendée are sold exclusively in Europe, with other plants covering the rest of the world.

Great success of the J70

Frédéric Bouvier of J Composites is delighted with the success of the J70, which today represents a fleet of 700 boats in Europe. "We currently produce 15 days a month. It's a great success with a pace that even the biggest yards don't have in sailboat production. "If Northern and Eastern Europe is already well equipped, the French market is off to a good start and J Composites is counting on Russia, Turkey and Spain to continue developing the J70.

Well-balanced ranges

J Composites is available in two ranges:

  • The Sport range includes the J70, J80, J88, J111 and J11s.
  • The E range (for Elegance), race-cruise oriented, includes the J97, J112 and J122.

The activity is divided into roughly equal parts. If the number of small yachts is larger, the unit price compensates the turnover.

The sport range is carried by the J70, but the J80 continues, in countries like India or even England, to seduce despite the years by its ease of maintenance.

The E models of racing cruising yachts also find their customers. For Frédéric Bouvier, these are people who"like to double everyone, but on a cruise! 80% of owners sail exclusively on cruises. Production for the E range and the two large sailing boats in the sport range amounts to around fifty boats a year.

Continue to democratize the image of J Composites

The J Composite yachts have an image of sports boats. In 2017, the yard wishes to continue to promote its E range, to show that the J Composites are high performance boats, but remain easy to use and accessible to all levels of boaters.

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