G-Force Yachts yachts distributed in France

G-Force Yachts X-Treme 26

Phare Bleu Yachting is appointed exclusive distributor of G-Force Yachts yachts in France. Selling boats, setting up regattas, X-treme 26 owners club... the projects are varied.

A French distributor for G-Force Yachts

G-Force Yachts, a shipyard specialising in sports yachts, has announced that it has granted exclusive distribution for France to Phare Bleu Yachting. This newly created structure is based in Marseille and managed by Stéphanie Cloris, also in charge of communication for G-Force Yachts.

Founded in 2004 in the Netherlands by Jeroen Wats, G-Force Yachts produces and develops sailing yachts for regatta sailors. The current G-Force Yachts range includes the Rebel, a 4.32 m dinghy, the X-Treme 26, the X-Treme 32 and the X-Treme 37.

Launch of an owners' club

Beyond the sale of boats, Phare Bleu Yachting wants to promote G-Force Yachts through various initiatives. A calendar of races in France and abroad is planned, including a rally in X-Treme 26 from Marseille to Barcelona. Others are planned in Dubai and Italy.

In order to create a core of G-Force Yachts owners, and to create an X-Treme 26 class, Phare Bleu Yachting wishes to launch an owners club. Club X-treme 26 members will access timeshare boats, sharing fees and access rights to the boat. They will also have access to technical training in match racing.

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