Interview / Pierre Delion, when the professional boat brings to pleasure

SNSM heading

The naval architect Pierre Delion, who is very active in both pleasure craft and professional ships, explains how the two environments enrich each other.

A well-filled drawing table

The news of the firm archi-delion is provided. A rare thing, it is now as well known in pleasure craft as in professional boats. According to the person concerned, the activity is divided equally between the two segments. Illustration of the eclecticism of the projects, we can quote as last achievements:

  • Explocat 52 for Garcia Yachting
  • The Django 12.70 for High Tide
  • An aluminium semi-rigid at AASM
  • A star for the SNSM
  • A pilot for Sibiril Technologies

What professionals bring to boating

The demanding operation of professional ships requires a careful choice of equipment, always in search of robustness. The necessary technological monitoring also benefits yachting. The choice of engine will thus be adapted to the yachtsman's programme, for example by retaining a slower engine when travel takes precedence over speed.

Semi-rigid AASM

The work on the hulls of SNSM and pilot boats is transferred to fast motor boats. They thus gain in terms of behaviour in waves and consumption.

Overall, the technical culture acquired in professional boats is beneficial for the robustness and reliability of pleasure craft.

What pleasure boating brings to professionals

The design of sailboats requires special attention to the trim of the boat. This has a major influence on fuel consumption. This precision, applied in the context of merchant shipping, makes it possible to optimize the operation of ships.

Django 12.70

A regulatory issue

Few naval architecture firms operate in both sectors of activity. Pierre Delion explains this by the difficulty of keeping abreast of the many and different regulations in each field.

As we have seen, pleasure boating can bring to the professional sector and vice versa. Let us therefore hope that other architects will be able to follow Pierre Delion's example of versatility, supported by the building sites.

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