Artemis Technologies : An America's Cup-derived foil ferry

Image of the Artemis Technologies Foil Ferry Project

From regattas to passenger transport, the Artemis Technologies team from the America's Cup launches a foil ferry project. More details on this successful technology transfer between high level sailing and maritime transport.

60m for a greener ferry

Artemis Technologies, leading a consortium of 13 public and private partners including aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, has been awarded a £33 million grant by the UK government to develop a zero-emission ferry. The 125-strong team of researchers, based in Belfast, will work over the next 4 years on a project for a passenger hydrofoil ship with a capacity of 350 people. The overall budget is estimated at £60 million and is expected to create 1,000 jobs within 10 years, according to the winners. Olympic sailing medallist Iain Percy, head of Artemis Technologies, is enjoying the project. "Our concept of electric foil propulsion is totally unique and will enable the ships of the future to operate with 90% less energy and produce zero emissions during operation."

From high-level regatta to passenger transport

Artemis Technologies' track record highlights the bridges between sailing at the highest level and professional shipping. The company grew out of the America's Cup team Artemis Racing, which reached the final of the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2017. The core team founded Artemis Technologies in the same year. After developing high level marine simulators, the company tackled small professional vessels through a partnership with Tuco Marine for a zero-emission boat. It is now tackling passenger transport. Let us hope that these technological gateways, which are sometimes more difficult to achieve for reasons of cost, will in the future allow the emergence of a more sustainable form of boating. At a time when sports sponsorship could prove delicate, it is a safe bet that these approaches will multiply.

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