Sparkman & Stephens, the mythical naval architecture firm changes ownership

Stemael IV, 1964 Stephens Plan

A group of private investors has acquired the iconic naval architecture firm Sparkman & Stephens. New markets and capital expansion are on the agenda.

A piece of sailing history

Sparkman & Stephens and its S&S initials have marked the history of naval design. Founded in 1929 by Olin Stephens and Drake Sparkman, the firm has produced plans for many of the most innovative sailing ships of their generations. Synonymous for many America's Cup, S&S has signed notably the J Ranger Class and the 12 M JI Intrepid and Courageous during 7 victorious campaigns for the Silver Ewer.

Brokerage and design development

Active since its beginnings as a broker, S&S intends to develop its activities in the sector. As told our colleagues at Boating Business Brooke Parish, which took over the company with John Reuter"We intend to put significant effort and capital into the construction of brokerage and design activities".

More motoryacht

When asked about the design business, Brendan Abbott, director of the Sparkman & Stephens design office in Newport, Rhode Island, maintained in his position by the new management, replied as follows: "We appreciate our heritage in sailing yachts and will always be active in this sector, but we are making an increasing effort in building our portfolio in the motor yacht market. There are fantastic projects on the drawing board and the future looks good.