AFPA makes custom composite training for CDK

The MACIF trimaran on the Keroman Technologies website

To meet the hiring needs of CDK Technologies, AFPA Auray launched a customized high-performance composite training session. An example in the business-teaching partnership.

Difficulty finding qualified personnel

With the arrival of the construction of a new giant trimaran and the development of composite products for the industry, the sister companies CDK - Technologies and Keroman - Technologies are facing a growing need for composite operators. As Philippe Facque, Managing Director of CDK, told us, it has become difficult to find people with the technical skills needed to build high performance boats.

Tailor-made training

In the absence of personnel already trained on the market, a partnership was set up with the AFPA's National Strategic Marine and Nautical Centre, based in Auray. The training center has defined a program dedicated to high-performance composites lasting 2.5 months with and for CDK and Keroman Technologies" says Fabrice Parat Yeghiayan, director of AFPA Auray. The aim is to adapt the lessons as closely as possible to the specific way of working and to the company's culture. It is a win-win agreement, the graduate benefits from an offer of employment contract and CDK ensures the quality of the candidates.

A reactive device

Only one month was needed to set up the training course based on the CDK request. The entire training sector was mobilized around the AFPA Auray, AGEFOS-PME, the Regional Council of Brittany and the Pôle Emploi.

The approach could serve as an example to other players in the boating industry.

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