AFPA Auray, strategic nautical training centre

Fabrice Parat Yeghiayan, director of the AFPA Auray, reminds us of the objectives and activities of his centre in nautical training. Conservation of knowledge, partnerships undertaken...

A reference centre in France

The Auray centre is today the AFPA (Association nationale pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes) National Strategic Centre for Nautical and Maritime Training. The organization has entrusted this pole with the care:

  • to organise and develop training related to maritime activities
  • to meet the skills needs related to Blue Growth
  • create a tourism offer linked to Blue Growth
  • to be an observatory of research and development related to these professions
  • to federate the AFPA centers of the Littoral

For Fabrice Parat Yeghiayan, director of the centre,"it is a question of accompanying a fundamental movement in which France, the 2nd maritime territory, stops turning its back on the sea. We must add the power of technical means to geographical power."

Varied training

The centre offers the following training:

  • water sports: mechanical, maintenance, construction, composite
  • marina: harbour agent
  • underwater works: public works diver

Preserving know-how

Training in carpentry, restoration, carpentry and nautical maintenance made the reputation of AFPA Auray in the 1990s. They make it possible to preserve technical know-how, which remains an essential function of the centre.

The composite shift

Since the 2000s, the technicality of the use of composites has greatly increased. The centre wanted to follow and accompany the technological shift in the nautical industry. It has thus opened a"high performance composite" training, to make"jewellers" of the nautical industry according to the expression of its director.

Training with and for industry

In partnership with the major players in the Sailing Valley, AFPA Auray creates tailor-made training courses. These exchanges gave life to the Multiplast Composite Training Center in 2014 or more recently to a specific training cycle for CDK and Keroman Technologies.

"We are smugglers," says Fabrice Parat Yeghiayan. The objective is to transmit professional gestures and corporate culture while respecting manufacturing secrets. There is no doubt that the approach may be of interest to other players in the sector.

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