What is the outlook for the Bénéteau Group in 2018-2019?

Oceanis sailboat from the Bénéteau group

The French leader in yachting has published its activity report for the 2018-2019 financial year. Boat sales figures, international industrial integration, new organization... The key points of the report.

Bénéteau Group sales continue to grow

The Bénéteau Group's final results for the 2018-2019 financial year show sales of ?1.336 billion, up +3.8%. 1.143 billion euros came from the boats business, up +4.6%. In line with the market, the company's growth slowed compared to the previous year, when it posted +6.7%. The boat business, dominated by motor units at 53.5%, is driven by two particularly dynamic sectors: multihull sailing yachts and outboard motor boats. Europe remains the Bénéteau Group's main market, accounting for 51.5%, followed by North America at 28.6%. The latter has suffered the effects of the trade war between the European Union and the United States.

Internationalization of the leader in the boating industry

To consolidate its position, the Bénéteau Group acquired the Seascape and Delphia brands in 2018. The 2018-2019 financial year was one of integration, drawing in particular on the experience of the Polish site of Ostroda Yachts, which has been a member of the Group for several years. The Bénéteau Group's international workforce now stands at 2,835 employees out of a total of 8,361.

The Bénéteau Group has also internationalized its industrial management by building its first Jeanneau-branded boats in 2019 at its Cadillac plant in the United States and relocating its tall ships CNB Yachts to Italy.

New management refines its strategic plan

During his first public speech in Cannes in 2019, Jérôme de Metz announced that the future strategic plan would not be decided in a hurry. This is confirmed by the contents of the activity report. Without disclosing the details, some guidelines are affirmed. " We are working hard on it. It is based on the simple but sometimes delicate idea that the Group's interests take precedence over those of the brands or units that make it up. "says the CEO. The distinction between the brand portfolio and the industrial tool should be reinforced.

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