Ocqueteau: Unhappy end for the Oleron shipyard

Fishing Abaco d'Ocqueteau promenade

The Commercial Court of La Rochelle handed down its verdict in the case of the Ocqueteau shipyard, putting an end to the saga of the Oleron yacht builder.

Judicial liquidation for the boat builder Ocqueteau

The Commercial Court of La Rochelle handed down its verdict on Tuesday 12 November 2019 in the legal recovery proceedings of the Ocqueteau shipyard, based at Château d'Oléron. The judges declared Ocqueteau SAS in liquidation, without continuing its activity. They have terminated the proceedings initiated in September 2019, at the request of CEO Christian Monier. The 38 employees of the site are unemployed.

Failure of the rescue attempt of a historical water sports society

During the announcement of the reorganisation procedure in September Its CEO Christian Monier indicated that he was launching the procedure early in order to give a reasonable chance to save the site founded by Guy Ocqueteau in 1948. "It is a sensible act to do things cold and preserve the brand, the site and the 39 employees. We have already seen in boating that just because you file for bankruptcy does not mean you disappear. There are already several candidates who have shown interest," said the leader at the time. Unfortunately, no serious offer was received by the court, which had to decide on the liquidation. According to our colleague from the South West, the buyers were cooled by the separation of the assets, held by a separate holding company. Employees also regretted in the same newspaper the lack of communication from management on the procedure.

What future for the historical Ocqueteau models?

While the future of the site is now sealed, the question arises of the brand and tools. Will the famous fishing-promenade models find a new enthusiast to relaunch a saga that has already known several authors since the death of Guy Ocqueteau