What approach is behind Bénéteau's pilot project for boat concessions?

Bénéteau concession of the former Chemin d'Oceans group

Bénéteau shipyard has announced a new generation boat concession project with its new distributor RCM. Jean-François Pape tells us more about the approach taken by the boat builder, the objective for the network and the relationship with the automotive industry.

A pilot concession for sailboats and motor boats

On the occasion of the arrival of the RCM group in the Bénéteau shipyard network, the new partners announced the launch of the Horsepower project. This is a pilot project around the Bénéteau de Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie concession to imagine the possible evolutions of the places where pleasure boats are sold. The manufacturer will be able to draw on the experience of the RCM group, which owns many car dealerships for the Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Lexus and Porsche brands. "RCM is at the forefront in the automotive industry in terms of the quality of showrooms, events and customer care tools," says Jean-François Pape, Bénéteau's director of communication "We know that our distribution model needs to evolve. Today, customers come to boat shows a lot to buy their boats. We need dealers who are well known enough to create business outside the shows. The challenge of working with RCM will be to work closely together on topics such as visual identity, customer experience or services."

Showroom of the Bénéteau de Brest dealership

A test for the entire Bénéteau network

The Horsepower project must be able to benefit all retailers of Bénéteau's pleasure boats, sailboats and motor units. "Our network is made up of independent people. There are specifications to respect, but it is not a network integrated into the guard! This is why there is a need for work to clear the ground, to obtain a convincing case of use, so that the network can then be encouraged and motivated to follow the chosen direction. We will move forward step by step, in a pragmatic way."

Fittings services can be important in boat concessions

What is the relationship with the automobile?

When asked by BoatIndustry about a possible trend with the arrival of a first car distributor in the Bénéteau boat sales network, Jean-François Pape presents the integration of RCM as an opportunity rather than the result of Bénéteau's global policy. "But there are nevertheless many synergies with the automotive world, for example because many of our boats can be transported behind a car," he concludes.

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