The Beboat shipyard in mourning

Erwan Boisecq, at the helm of the Beboat shipyard, died on 8 June 2019

The founder of the Beboat shipyard, Erwan Boisecq, died at the age of 51. Back on the course, too quickly interrupted, of the one who had made a place for himself in the world of classic sailing.

Disappearance of the founder of the Beboat shipyard

Beboat Shipyard has announced the death of its founder Erwan Boisecq. Only 51 years old, this renowned professional in the world of classic boats suffered a heart attack on Saturday, June 8, 2019. Its disappearance comes only 5 years after the creation of Beboat and the launch of a promising new career in sailboat construction. Boatindustry joins forces with its family and the site team in these painful moments.

From photographer to sailboat builder

Erwan Boisecq has been a professional photographer for many years. One day he decided to build himself a 6.40 m catboat in strip-planning. This amateur-built sailboat, Anna, was so popular with those who admired it that they asked Erwan if he would not build more. In the end, he took the plunge in 2014 and created the company Beboat. The shipyard will be based in Arradon, on the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan.

Collaboration with several naval architects

The yard employs several people and starts by building sister-ships at Anna under the name Be 6.4. The sailboat is available in cat-boat and sloop houari rigging. The hull passes from wood to sandwich in infusion. He continued by building a pretty neo-classical 10-metre sailboat based on plans by the renowned naval architect Juan Kouyoumdjian. After this one-off, Erwan Boisecq and his team had just launched a 6-metre sport boat, the Be 6.0, on plans by Thomas Jullien.

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