Aventura, the growing catamaran manufacturer

Eric Roger, Deputy Manager of Aventura Catamarans

The Aventura catamarans are surfing on the growth of the multihull market. Order book, industrial tool, manpower... Eric Roger, Deputy Manager, presents BoatIndustry with a portrait of a healthy Tunisian boating industrialist.

Strong increase in catamaran production

The Aventura Catamarans shipyard was founded in Tunisia in the early 2000s by two Frenchmen, Romain Roger and his father Eric. After relaunching the Camping Cat 23 and Diabolo 28 under the names Aventura 23 and Aventura 28, the multihull builder launched its first sailing catamaran model entirely designed in-house in 2007, the Aventura 20. The range was then gradually expanded, increasing in size and opening up to the engine. However, the yard remained discreet. The move to new premises in 2015 marked the start of strong growth. "We doubled our sales between 2017 and 2018. From 15 boats in 2018, we have already gone from 15 to 25 catamarans sold in 2019. The orders are now for 2020," said Eric Roger, Aventura Catamarans' Managing Director.

Aventura 10 Power

New premises for the armament of ships

Aventura Catamarans continues to organize its production. After moving from Nabeul to Bizerte in 2015, the yard will invest in a second site next to its current buildings. The premises, with a surface area of 2000 m², formerly occupied by the sailmaker Elvström, will double the available working area. "We will be able to reorganise production. One of the buildings will be dedicated to polyester and the other to boat fittings," says Eric Roger.
The structuring of Aventura Catamarans also goes through the design office. "We now have an internal BE of 3 people for the methods and production management. We have also recruited a Tunisian naval architect."

More series-oriented multihulls

With the increase in the number of boats produced, Aventura Catamarans is moving towards a more serial approach. "The collaboration with Samer Lasta for the design marked a change. Currently we produce 6 Aventura 10 Power boats a year, about ten Aventura 34 sailing boats. The first Aventura 44 will be finished in December 2018 and we already have orders for other boats," says Eric Roger.
Aventura Catamarans continues to renew its range of boats. "We have renewed both sizes of sailboats. We are now working on a new power catamaran, bigger than the Aventura 10 Power. We want to stay in the same dynamic, while controlling the growth."