Interview / Brad Anderson, CEO Sea Ray: "We will reposition the Sea Ray brand"

Brad Anderson, CEO of Sea Ray

Brunswick Group, the world's leading yachting group, announced the launch of its Sea Ray powerboat brand in December 2017. Finally, in June 2018, we learned that the brand remained in Brunswick's fold. Brad Anderson, World CEO of Sea Ray, kindly answered no questions about the new strategy of the American brand.

Why did you give up the sale of Sea Ray??

We have not had any interesting offers for the entire brand, which offers boats from 20 to 65 feet. While our boats over 40 feet do not deliver the expected results, boats up to 40 feet are our core range and sell well. This segment represents an important market and we have decided to refocus on it. All Brunswick products correspond to Mercury's global strategy, and the same goes for Sea Ray, which will evolve to create greater synergy between these two brands.

What is your new stratégie??

We keep the same, but we redirect our interests. Sea Ray's DNA is based on 24 to 40 foot boats, technological and quality. The cruiser sports market is growing rapidly and we will refocus on this know-how, building in particular on European projects to gain market share in Europe.

Small and medium-sized boats are profitable, but not large ones, so we decided to stop producing them.

In the image of boaters, Sea Ray is an American shipyard. With the introduction of customs tariffs on recreational boats from the United States, the brand has not souffert??

We cannot control this, yet our boats are built in Poland and are therefore not affected by this tax. Our boats are American, but built in Europe to be adapted to the French market. The idea is to localize the product to adapt it to the market.

A major French group has taken inspiration from the Sea Ray design for its next boats. What do you think about it at vous??

Copying is the best flattery. We will continue to innovate to offer boats that stand out from the ordinary, such as the Sundancer 290, which we launched in 2018, with its asymmetrical passage to access the forward cockpit, while maintaining a beautiful cabin under the deck. We are about to launch many new products, to always stay one step ahead.

The fact that the site was put up for sale and then changed its mind did not impact the image of marque??

We continue to sell our products on the American and European markets.

What is Sea Ray?'s ambition?

At first, Sea Ray was 24- to 40-foot boats and we want to come back to this market. We will also benefit from a new strategy from the Brunswick group. The latter is developing a polyester research centre in Florida, which will be managed by the Boston Whaler brand. We will therefore work in collaboration with Boston to position the Sea Ray brand on the same level as its sister brand.

Mercury is also developing several new technologies and the Boston Whaler and Sea Ray brands will spearhead the presentation of these new products. The objective is to completely reposition Sea Ray.

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