Wedding Rhea Tofinou Wauquiez:"We sail on the same clientele!"

The Rhea 750 N°1, Rhea Marine's first boat, exhibited at the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle

After Wauquiez and Latitude 46, the manufacturer of the Tofinou, the Experton Revollier group offers itself the Rhea Marine brand. A diversification towards motorboats, industrial and commercial synergies and an opportunity for Rhea, explains Alex Pinet, the yard's manager.

Rhea Marine joins Latitude 46 and Wauquiez

The Experton-Revollier group has announced the acquisition of the Rochelais shipyard Rhea Marine. He joined the group's nautical division, specialising in steel transformation. The brand of motor boats emblematic of the pertuis charentais joins the shipyard Latitude 46, builder of the sailboats Tofinou acquired in March 2015 at the helm of the court of La Rochelle and the historic brand of sailboats Wauquiez, purchased in 2011. Rhea Marine's teams are still in place.

Sailboat Tofinou 8m

Open up to motorboats

Except Andreyale, niche of the Latitude 46 yard's production, the Experton Revollier group had no offer on the motor boat market. With the acquisition of Rhéa Marine, he enters the sector with a strong brand, whose notoriety, Charentais roots and image created by founder Bertrand Danglade are complementary to Tofinou's."We sail on the same clientele, while bringing a new profession, the motor boat," confirms Alex Pinet, director of Rhéa.

Industrial synergies

"Our previous shareholder, DLJ Group, wanted to return to its core business, mass distribution, in which it had big plans," explains Alex Pinet. "He wanted to free himself from boating and was looking for a strong partner who was already in the boating industry. Latitude 46 is very close, 100 m from our house. We have comparable products with possible synergies in resources and tools. So it's a sensible grouping." Together, the brands of the Experton Revollier group will also have more weight with their suppliers, equipment manufacturers and marine engine manufacturers.

Alex Pinet, Director of Rhea Marine

Positioning yourself in front of the heavy goods vehicles of the nautical industry

While the concentration movement in yachting is strong, with the takeovers of Dufour by Fountaine-Pajot, Privilège Marine by Hanse Group, Delphia Yachts and Seascape by Bénéteau Group, small structures are looking for alliances to keep their specificities. "It's better to regroup to face the big groups. We are stronger with 3 than alone" confirms Alex Pinet. This strategy should be followed as early as the winter boat shows.

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