Buyout: Fun Yak and Rigiflex, the 2 brands of rotomolded boats combined

Rigiflex's safety boat New Matic

The owner of the Fun Yak brand announces the acquisition of Rigiflex. Birth of a major player in the rotomoulded boat in France.

Fun Yak and Rigiflex together

The Sebico Group, owner of the Fun Yak brand, announced the acquisition of Rigiflex on January 1, 2018. The group is specialized in rotational moulding. In particular, it produces water tanks for the building industry, in the fields of sewerage, rainwater management, lifting and extraction of smoke and ventilation. After the acquisition of the Fun Yak brand in 2000, Sebico added a second brand to its yachting branch. It confirms a strong will to develop its boat and small motor boat construction activity, thanks to its rotomoulded polyethylene technology.

Strong brands

"Both ranges will obviously continue. The signs will be kept. There is a will to capitalize on the 2 brands Fun Yak and Rigiflex. "says Christine Amadio, sales manager at Fun Yak. Each of the brands has emblematic ranges and models in the field of tenders, fishing boats, whether fresh or salt water, but also safety and service boats. Whether it's Fun Yak's Safely 12 or Rigiflex's New Matic range, these rotomoulded polyethylene boats are recognised both by firemen and by the many sailing schools they equip.

Continuation of the activity

Although no industrial choices have been made to date, the two production sites should continue. Fun Yak models are currently produced in Boé, in the Lot et Garonne. Rigiflex is based in Ille-et-Vilaine, Miniac-Morvan.

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