The Bénéteau Group exceeds one billion euros in turnover.

Bénéteau Group Headquarters

The Bénéteau Group presented its 2015-2016 results. Record positive figures and ongoing reorganization.

Return to pre-crisis level

The Bénéteau Group's turnover reached 1083 million euros for the 2015-2016 financial year, up 11.8% on the previous year and back above the one billion mark. This level had not been reached since the 2007-2008 financial year when consolidated turnover was 1055 M euros. Net income was 23.1 million euros.

910.7 million, also up 11.2%.

Strong growth in Europe and the USA

The highest growth in boat activity was in Europe, where it increased by 18.3%. The Bénéteau Group's turnover in motor yachting in the United States was also up 14.1%.

On the other hand, the South American market collapsed, with sales falling from ?17.6 million to ?6.2%, down 64.8%, penalized by the political and economic situation in the region.

A rising share of motorboats

The share of motor yachting within the Bénéteau Group is increasing. It rose from 55% to 59% of sales, up 16.3% worldwide. The integration of the American brands of the RBH group probably explains this evolution.

Refocusing and investment

The Bénéteau Group invests in growth sectors. In particular, it is increasing its capacity for the Lagoon catamarans and the CNB yard. Its reorganisation is continuing with the recruitment of product and industry development managers already mentioned in these columns.

In communicating its results, the group led by Hervé Gastinel is pleased with good operational control and tight cost management.

In order to maintain its profitability, the Bénéteau Group is refocusing its activities. In the boating sector, it has put the production of boats in Brazil on hold by setting aside 4.8 million euros for this purpose. We can also note the end of residential housing activity, structurally in deficit.

Positive outlook

The returns from the autumn exhibitions are considered positive by the Bénéteau Group, which expects to continue its growth in 2016-2017.

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