Bente Yachts: Entrepreneur relaunches daring yacht builder

The Bente 24 has created the success of the Bente Yachts brand

The German sailing brand Bente Yachts has found a buyer. Good news for these original boats for which the new owner intends to continue the development with the Bente 28, in partnership with the arcrhitects Judel & Vrolijk.

Ultramarin dealer Meichle + Mohr to the rescue of Bente Yachts

The court in Bremerhaven appointed Hendrik Heerman on February 3, 2020 as insolvency administrator for the insolvency of the German yacht builder Bente Yachts. The process finally led to the takeover of the shipyard by Ultramarin Meichle + Mohr, a member of the Bente Yachts distribution network since the launch of the brand. The transaction must be approved by all creditors by 1 July 2020. The holding company based on the shores of Lake Constance, the Mecca of German yachting, is also the owner of the country's largest inland waterway marina with more than 1,500 moorings in Kressbronn. Sonja Meichle and her father, the managers of the family group, have appointed Christian Daum as the new head of Bente Yachts GmbH.

Takeover of the construction of the Bente sailing yachts and agreement with Judel & Vrolijk

Founded by Alexander Vrolijk, son of the famous naval architect Rolf Vroljik, and Stephan Boden, Bente Yachts made its mark from the very beginning in 2015 with the innovative Bente 24. The new owners intend to keep the spirit of the brand alive through the partnership agreement they have found with the Judel&Vroljik architecture firm. Ultramarin Meichle + Mohr has acquired the rights and production tools for the entire Bente Yachts range, which will continue to be produced at the Yacht Service Poland shipyard based in Szczecin, Poland. The Bente 24 and Bente 39 ordered from the former entity will be delivered, keeping the original price, indicates the new management. The development of the Bente 28 continues.

Commercial and boat building optimization

While the former managers explained the receivership by high production costs, the new owners announced that they wanted to work on "optimizing quality management". An extension of the dealer network is also planned. Contacted by BoatIndustry, Flahault Marine, the French importer of German yachts, says it is waiting for the shipyard's returns, the news of the takeover dating from the beginning of May 2020.