Bente Yachts, the German yacht builder in recovery

Bente 39

The German shipyard Bente Yachts has been placed in receivership. Development cost and organization are presented as reasons for the misadventure.

Judicial redress for Bente Yachts

The German yacht builder Bente Yachts, based in Bremerhaven, has been placed in receivership. The Northern City Court appointed Hendrik Heerman as insolvency administrator on 3 February 2020.

Technical and innovative boats

Since its arrival on the market in 2015, the Bente shipyard has made its mark on the boating landscape with its modern design and technical innovations. Led by Alexander Vrolijk, son of the famous naval architect Rolf Vroljik, the company started with the Bente 24. The sailboat is successful, reaching 120 units sold. The Bente 39 that followed, with its large glass dog house, also made its mark. Efforts in the environmental logic have been carried out by the building site such as the Green Bente in natural fibres or the use of recycled PET worktops, insulation with cork. Its investments seem to have been too heavy for the small structure to bear. " The Bente 24 is well positioned in the market with more than 120 boats sold, but in recent years the company has had high development and production costs. This must be optimised, the company reorganised and set on a professional pace "says Alexander Vroljik to our colleagues at Yachting Monthly.

Investor search for Bente Yachts

Bente Yachts had cancelled its appearance at Boot 2020 and the exit of the pendulum-keel Bente 28 was postponed. The challenge now is to find investors for this project, which enjoys a good image but suffers from the difficulties encountered by many small niche sites in Europe.