Fora Marine's RMs taken over by a French group

© FX Ricardou

End of the series: after the Fora Marine shipyard went into receivership, the Commercial Court of Bordeaux has just made a decision. He ordered the Grand Large Yachting group to take over.

After having postponed its decision, it was finally Wednesday, February 12, 2020, that the news fell. The court had to decide between two cases. The first one was led by the commercial director Maxime Vedrenne associated with a financially solid industrialist Mr. Olevier, president of the company V-Motech, supplier of engineering and equipment for the automotive industry. But the court didn't hold him in preference to the Grand Large Yachting Group's case.

Make way for the Grand large Yachting group

After creating the Allures brand of aluminium dinghy boats, the two founders of Grand Large Yachting, Stephan Constance and Xavier Desmarest, chose to grow by acquisition. Thus the group now has nearly 10 boat brands in the yachting sector (Allures, Outremer, Garcia, Gunboat), but also in the professional boat sector. Now the Fora Marine brand with the RM range is entering their fold.

A future to be defined

We were unable to reach Stephan Constance to explain the future of the RM range and above all to tell us what happens to customers who have paid a deposit to reserve their next monohull in CP. Still, the court probably chose this plan in view of the group's other buyouts, all of which have been successful to date.

One more string

After aluminium (Allures and Garcia), composite (Outremer), high-end composite (Gunboat), this group will try to produce plywood sailboats with RM. Let's hope for a success for this revival which is not obvious given the debts and the problems linked to this construction technique.

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