Ikone sailboats: back in production soon?

Ikone 7.50

The moulds of the Ikone sailboats were sold after the liquidation of the Espace Vag construction site. The new owner explains his industrial and commercial project for the Breton boat range.

Repurchase of the moulds of the Ikone sailboats

After the liquidation of the Espace Vag shipyard, manufacturer of Ikone range sailboats in Concarneau, auctioneer Philippe Lannon held an auction of the company's machinery and equipment on 21 and 22 November 2019. The moulds of the sailboats did not find a buyer at first, forcing the sales manager to use his relationships. " Philippe Lannon contacted me because we know each other well and both like to sail. There were other proposals for some molds, but there was a desire not to sell the range by cutting " explains Philippe Goyat, who bought the moulds of the Ikone 5.50, Ikone 6.00, Ikone 6.50 and Ikone 7.50 with his company Francophil.

Re-launch Ikone boats with passionate craftsmen

Philippe Goyat, 63 years old, has a good experience of boating through boat rental and destocking companies. He imagines an original operating model for the relaunch of the Ikone range, based on the sharing of support functions. " The idea is to bring together 3 or 4 separate craftsmen, each taking care of a model and freeing them from the worries of bankers or insurers and all aspects related to business creation so that they can devote themselves to their craft work. This may involve the rental/sale of moulds or the acquisition of stakes in the company. The craftsman undertakes to keep the Ikone brand. This makes it possible to avoid favouring any model as is sometimes the case in a small site and to have a passionate person at the head of each mould "summarizes the buyer.

Pooling resources

The commercial aspect would be managed by a dedicated structure. " Each craftsman would have a percentage to have a say in decisions related to the Ikone brand "specifies Philippe Goyat. The pooling of resources is also on the agenda for purchasing and labour. " Each craftsman can send staff to the other if necessary. There is the possibility of pooling resin or material purchases also to limit costs. Some shipyards have already offered us their help for this. "

The moulds are expected to move quickly from the premises of the former Espace Vag site. Philippe Goyat says he already has contacts with interested craftsmen.

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