Special Edition / Eno: Planchas to open the outdoor kitchen to all boats

Eno wants to democratize the plancha on boats with the Antigua compact models

Eno launches new models of more compact plancha and grill. A way to offer outdoor kitchens to boaters in boats from 30 to 45 feet, while maintaining the Made In France quality of the specialist in on-board cooking equipment.

Compact grills and planchas for small cruisers

Outdoor kitchens were previously reserved for large boats. With its new ANTIGUA Compact range in plancha or grill version, Eno now opens this possibility to all boat sizes. Built-in, they will easily find their place in the cockpit's polyester cabinet. In the standard household appliance format, the equipment is easily installed by the shipyard teams.

Antigua Compact Eno Grill

Respond to the evolution of cooking on board ships

The choice to develop these planchas is based on Eno's analysis of the evolution of cooking and life on board boats. "This responds to two trends. Life on board is increasingly taking place outside. This is a demand from boaters through the experience of catamarans and larger monohulls where there has been an interest in outdoor cooking. On the other hand, planchas have a taste and health interest compared to barbecues. Food is preserved by the absence of contact with flames. The taste is better," explains Antoine Thomas, President of Eno
The advantages are also technical. The absence of flame improves safety. By quickly reaching the cooking temperature thanks to the inertia of the plate, the griddle has a better energy efficiency. Finally, the maintenance and cleaning of the plate is simple.

Plancha Antigua compact Eno

Devices adapted for export markets

The taste for cooking in the cockpit affects boaters from all over the world. To meet the many regulations related to gas on board ships, Eno offers shipyards a turnkey solution, adapted to the destination country, with a kit including the length of pre-dimensioned copper pipe and adapters depending on the country.

Planchas Made In France

Eno manufactures all its products in France to guarantee their quality. They have an Origine France label that ensures the traceability of all parts. After-sales service is provided for 10 years. "Our products are repairable and not disposable," insists Antoine Thomas, president of Eno.
By providing a timely supply, Eno enables yacht builders to optimise their production management.