"COULEUR MER", new boat dishes at Plastimo

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With the integration of Topoplastic into Plastimo, a new range of "COULEUR MER" tableware is now available. Entirely revised and updated, but based on Topoplastic's know-how, this tableware complements the other table accessories.

In parallel with the theme of safety, which is omnipresent in all Plastimo's developments, 2019 was marked by the renewal of personal equipment (sea jackets, sunglasses, gloves, etc.). In parallel, but very close, "comfort on board" is also developing rapidly. This part of the catalogue benefits from the integration of Topoplastic and its entire catalogue into Plastimo. This integration also involves renovating the entire "COULEUR MER" collection, which includes tableware accessories on a boat.

Plastimo couleur Mer

Original models and patterns

To renovate and redesign this range, Plastimo called on a product designer. The graphics have been updated, inspired by current trends in tableware with lighter motifs on bases of navy blue, lagoon blue or coral red. All this is accompanied by similar taupe or grey tones, trends also adopted by the best interior decoration brands.

Plastimo couleur Mer
Clément Le Calvé

All the designs are original, designed by Plastimo and its designer, and offer tradition or modernity to meet all tastes through four ranges:

  • Coral Reef, with coral motif in red-orange and light grey shades. A design that is clearly inspired by the most popular decorative collections of today.
  • South Pacific, with navy and grey string pattern. A classic theme, but here revisited with a light and very contemporary graphic treatise. This range is available in round or square plates.
  • Marina, with a wind rose motif and a flat knot. The classic on boats, which is still very popular.
  • Atoll, a plain tableware in turquoise blue or bluish grey pastel shades, whose originality is a neutral colour associated with a hammered structure with a festoon rope style scallop.
Plastimo couleur Mer
Baptiste Leglatin

A proven manufacturing process

Plastimo relies on Topoplastic's decades of expertise in tableware, and capitalizes on the recognized quality of "COULEUR MER" products. Owner of its moulds, it can reproduce complete high quality assemblies:

  • A premium melamine that looks like ceramic. The particularity is a firing carried out in 3 times, the last step consisting in ensuring vitrification, for a shiny aspect and a resistance to all tests.
  • Dyed in the mass, the patterns and colours have an excellent durability.
  • All "COULEUR MER" models are Bisphenol-A-free and dishwasher safe.
Plastimo couleur Mer

Complete ranges of products

The Coral Reef, South Pacific and Marina collections offer a complete range of 3 types of plates, mugs and cups, bowls, salad bowls, trays and cutlery. A 16-piece pack covers the basic needs for 4 people. The Atoll collection is available in boxes of 12 pieces (plates and bowls) for 4 people.

Plastimo couleur Mer

Additional accessories

In addition to melamine tableware, Plastimo offers elegant stainless steel cutlery, the Anchor cutlery. A stylized anchor is engraved on the handle. The "COULEUR MER" range is completed by unbreakable Tritan glasses: a thermoplastic copolyester without Bisphenol A and guaranteed dishwasher safe. The appearance and elegance of a glass glass, yet unbreakable. Available in water glasses, wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Plastimo Couleur Mer
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